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New Kindle Fire Tablet Lineup For 2013

new kindle fire tablet launch 2013Three New Kindle Fire Tablets Planned For 2013 Release

UPDATE: The new Kindle Fire tablet range for 2013 has now been unveiled – get the details here…

Rumors abound that Amazon is planning to update its range of Kindle Fire tablet computers with the launch of three new models later this year. According to industry gossip, the internet retail giant will launch a new Fire, Fire HD 7″ and Fire HD 8.9″ in the run up to Christmas – probably sometime in September.

This would be totally consistent with Amazon’s past approach. A September release allows for strong Christmas sales, and is in keeping with previous Kindle launches.

It’s also worth noting that Kindle tablet prices have recently dropped. This might be Amazon getting rid of stock before the launch of new models. Again, that would be totally consistent with previous launches.

New Kindle Fire 2013

Amazon’s entry level tablet will have its resolution increased from the current 1024 x 600 to 1200 x 800 (the same as the current Fire HD). A new quad processor may also be on the cards.

New Kindle Fire HD 7″ 2013

The Fire HD 7″ model will have its resolution boosted from the current 1200 x 800 to 1920 x 1200. That’s a big improvement and a quad core processor should replace the current Texas instruments dual core version.

New Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 2013

Amazon’s top of the range 8.9″ Fire HD looks set to have its resolution boosted from 1920 x 1200 to an eye popping 2560 x 1600. That’s better than the current iPad – and on a slightly smaller screen.

Other Changes

Other changes on the cards may include a case redesign. It’s thought that the new Kindle lineup will have a more angular case. Some industry watchers have speculated that the case material may also change from plastic to metal.

The new Kindles are expected to be quite a bit lighter than the current models – and the on/off switch may well be moved from the side of the device to the back cover.


There’s no word on pricing (in fact there’s no word from Amazon on any of these rumors), but prices are expected to be the same as the current models.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for the new Kindles to appear, you can expect the opportunity to pick up any of the current models at reduced prices in the very near future.

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